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Tailored exclusively for you, our treatments cater to every stage of your unique pregnancy journey.

All of our treatments are conducted by experts specialised in addressing all stages of your pregnancy journey with care and proficiency.

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Night Nanny

Our night nanny service provides personalised guidance for families during this vulnerable time. Promoting evidence based advice at all times, we can help families whether it's just a once off night of undisturbed sleep they seek, or they wish to have ongoing support for those first few weeks.

Trichologist Consultation

Experience a comprehensive trichologist consultation tailored to address postpartum hair issues.

Sleep Consultant

Our Baby Sleep Consultant specialises in helping parents address sleep-related issues and challenges with their infants and young children. The primary goal of a Baby Sleep Consultant is to provide guidance, education, and personalised strategies to improve a baby's sleep patterns and establish healthy sleep habits.


Aoife currently works as a clinical dietitian in one of the main maternity hospitals in Dublin, covering a range of clinical areas in the maternity and gynaecology services

Lactation Consultant

Whether you're struggling with latch issues, engorgement, low milk supply, or simply feeling overwhelmed, our dedicated lactation consultant is here to listen with empathy and offer practical solutions tailored to your individual needs.