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Discover our diverse range of educational classes catering for everyone and secure your spot now.

Our classes are held on a monthly basis, adjusting to demand. Stay in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter below for timely updates and never miss out.

Antenatal Classes

Our two day group classes bring families of similar due dates together to support, educate & empower.

Preparing for postnatal

Nurture yourself and bond with baby in our rejuvenating postnatal class.

Partners Class

Join our partners class for an empowering journey into parenthood together.

Solo Parenting Class

Empower your solo parenting journey with our supportive and uplifting class, now offered at a special discount for solo parents.

Infant First Aid

Our infant first aid course is a specialised training program designed to teach new parents how to respond effectively to medical emergencies and accidents involving infants.

Breastfeeding Class

Navigate the beautiful journey of breastfeeding with confidence in our nurturing and informative breastfeeding class.

Vaginal Birth After Cesearean (VBAC)

Discover the benefits of our VBAC class, fostering empowerment and knowledge for a positive birthing experience after cesarean.

Grandparents Refresher

Explore the joys of grandparenting in our informative class, designed to enrich your role and deepen the bond with your grandchild.