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Pricing & Packages:

First Assessment (1h) - €120
Follow Up Consultation (40min) - €70

First Assessment (1hr) & Follow up consult (40min) - €165 

Pre-pregnancy nutrition coaching: 3 consultations (First Assessment and 2 follow-up consultations - €230

Pregnancy nutrition coaching: First assessment in first trimester, 2 follow-ups in second and third trimester & one post-natal follow-up with personalised postnatal nutrition advice (e.g. breastfeeding, wound healing, anaemia etc.) - €300


About Aoife
Aoife qualified as a dietitian from University College Dublin after completing an MSc in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. She currently works as a clinical dietitian in one of the main maternity hospitals in Dublin, covering a range of clinical areas in the maternity and gynaecology services such as gestational-diabetes, hyperemesis, nutrition support, weight management, adolescent pregnancy, PCOS, endometriosis, amenorrhoea and fertility.

Although Aoife enjoys all areas of Dietetics, areas of particular interest to her include Maternity, Fertility, Hormonal health, Diabetes, Weight Management and Gut Health.

Prior to studying the MSc in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Aoife practised as a registered general nurse across many Dublin and Melbourne, Australia teaching hospitals. Between dietetics and nursing, Aoife has been working in a patient-facing capacity since 2012. She has been passionate about the area of women’s health for many years.

Aoife's primary goal is to equip her clients with evidence-based nutrition information that will inform their nutrition choices and lead them to achieving their goals.


What can I expect from a 1-to-1 consultation with Aoife?
For your first appointment, Aoife will get to know you by completing a full dietetic
assessment. This involves talking about your past medical history, any relevant
blood test results, medications and/or supplements you take, your weight history
(this is optional), your current dietary pattern and levels and frequency of activity.
Aoife will try to get a sense of what your long-term goals are in relation to nutrition
and will ask how she can best support you. After this, Aoife will collaborate with you
and you will both come up with 1-3 smaller goals that can be achieved between the
first and second appointment that will move you closer to your long-term nutrition

When is a good time to focus on my nutrition prior to conceiving?
This depends on many factors, however, for most people, 3-6 months is usually enough time.

Do I have to bring anything to my appointment?
There is no need to bring anything to your appointment, but if you have recent blood results and/or a list of your current medications/supplements this can be helpful information for completing the assessment.

Will I have to follow on a diet?
You will never be asked to follow any diets or restrictive eating patterns. Aoife will never tell you what to do but she will support and collaborate with you to help you move closer to your goals. A lot of the consultation will be led by you and your individual needs.

Can I contact Aoife in between consultations if I have any questions?
Absolutely! Aoife will be reachable by WhatsApp and e-mail should need to get in touch
between consultations. Aoife will aim to respond to your query within a maximum period of 24-hours.

Can I claim money back for the consultation fee?
Yes! You can claim back on your health insurance and medical expenses tax as Aoife is a member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute and a CORU registered dietitian. We will provide you with a receipt after every consultation.

Is there a cancellation fee?
We ask that you allow at least 24-hours before your appointment to cancel a session. If it is within a 24-hour period, we ask that you pay 50% of the consultation fee.

All 1-to-1 consults & packages will include: 

Follow up email/s with comprehensive personalised nutrition plan and summary of consultation, including goals set with client during consult. 

Food Diary Analysis. 

Research for personalised supplement plan. 

WhatsApp contact/phone calls between consults for clients to check in with any questions (answered within 24-hrs) 

GP Letters or contact with the maternity hospital client is attending if required. 

Analysing nutritional biochemistry. Clients can send me a copy of their nutritional biochemistry results they have received from their GP or I can advise which ones to be tested on their next GP visit and will review same after they have received the results.