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Every second Tuesday | 6pm, 7pm, 8pm

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Reiki is a powerful, holistic therapy that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and facilitates healing. Developed in the 1900's in Japan, 'Rei' means universal and 'ki' meaning life energy. Reiki channels energy to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Reiki is a complementary therapy. Evidence from clinical trials suggest that reiki can reduce pain and anxiety. It is a type of energy healing which helps the flow of energy through the body and removes blocks to it.


60 minutes - €70

The benefits of Reiki:

  • increases relaxation
  • balances the mind and emotions
  • improves sleep
  • promotes clarity
  • strengthens the immune system
  • relieves stress
  • reduces tension
  • soothes anxiety

About your instructor:

Sarah is a Registered General Nurse (RGN), Registered Nurse Prescriber (RNP) and Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner (RANP). With almost 20 years nursing experience, Sarah has reached the highest clinical qualifications and practices autonomously in her work. Sarah received an award for nursing innovation and excellence from the HSE in Sept 2023 for establishing a new nurse-led service.

Sarah was diagnosed with endometriosis and PCOS in her early 20s. Despite having many symptoms throughout her teenage years, like many, it was a long road to a diagnosis following surgery. When trying to conceive her first child, Sarah was aware of potential challenges. Fortunately, Sarah became pregnant after her first cycle of ICSI in 2018. Another cycle of ICSI in 2023, was unsuccessful. From these experiences, Sarah began a journey of personal development and spiritual engagement. Authenticity and financial accessibility are important values of Fuinneamh Fertility and support is available through group women's circles and 1:1 Reiki treatments.

What to expect at your Reiki appointment?

  • On your first visit, you will need to complete a consultation form.
  • You will take off your shoes, then lie down on a comfortable massage bed with a pillow, blank and an optional eye mask.
  • Reiki is primarily a hands on therapy. However, for the throat, heart and sacral chakras my hands are positioned over the area.
  • During a Reiki session, it is normal to feel relaxed and calm. Some people can become emotional, and this is normal. It doesn't happen to everyone.
  • At the end of the session, we will reflect on any feedback.