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Reflexology consultations: Fertility/ Maternity/ Postnatal consultations

Consultation: 1 hour : €80

Block of 4 Consultations - €300



Reflexology is a complimentary health practice that uses specific techniques of massage and manipulation of the feet or hands, to stimulate the natural healing responses of the body and to promote a sense of well being. There are specific areas (or reflex zones) on the feet and hands which correspond to all organs, glands and parts of the body. Stimulating theses reflexes unblocks neural pathways and improves circulation throughout the entire body.

Reflexology has been proven to be hugely beneficial in helping with fertility, pregnancy, labour and in the postpartum period by regulating and balancing hormones, reducing anxiety & stress levels, supporting the reproductive system, improving sleep patterns and so much more.



I have booked my first session. What next?

Once you have booked your initial reflexology session, I will send you an online consultation form. I ask that this be completed and returned prior to your first appointment so that I may plan a specific treatment plan based on your specific needs. For fertility clients, if you have details/results of any tests taken to date (bloods, semen analysis), it is worthwhile including copies of these also.

How long is a session?

The consultation & treatment is one hour long.

How many sessions are needed? 

For pregnancy and postpartum clients, the number and frequency of sessions will vary based on the reason for your visit. We would discuss this and make a suitable treatment plan at your initial consultation.

For fertility clients, it will depend on where you are in your fertility journey. For women, I suggest weekly sessions for 3 full menstrual cycles, so that we can fully assess and hopefully regulate the cycle and identify timing of ovulation. After this time, we re-avaluate and re-assess and I may then suggest two sessions per ovulation cycle.

For men, it is recommended that weekly sessions are had if they are suffering with anxiety, diabetes, high stress levels, hormone imbalances or depression. Likewise for any abnormality of sperm quality or quantity. If this is the case, I would suggest weekly sessions for 8 weeks, after which time a new semen analysis to assess any progress would be beneficial.

Can I have reflexology if undergoing IVF, IUI, ICSI?

Absolutely! This is not an either-or scenario. I recommend working with you three to four months prior to assisted conception to fully prepare your body and mind for the journey ahead. Sessions would take place weekly and then optimally in the week prior to and following implantation.

When is it safe to have reflexology in pregnancy?

Reflexology is completely safe throughout the whole of pregnancy, though some women prefer to wait until they are in their second trimester to start sessions.

I am approaching my estimated due date. Can reflexology help me go into labour?

Maybe! It is my firm belief that babies are born on their birth days. Often if baby has not arrived yet, it is because they know something that we don’t. There is no magic button I can press to get labour going. However, there are “labour priming techniques” that we can bring into your sessions from 38 weeks to stimulate the hormones needed for labour.

My baby is transverse/breech/back-to-back. Can reflexology help?

Yes! Reflexology can be extremely beneficial in encouraging baby to turn and come into the right position. There is a limited window for this however, and I recommend sessions specific for this purpose between 34-37 weeks.

How soon after my baby is born can I come for a session?

As soon as you feel up to coming out and the sooner the better. There is nothing contraindicated post birth for having a reflexology session. In fact, it can be very beneficial in the early days to boost milk supply, to help alleviate the ill effects of anaesthesia, to aid with the body’s recovery from a c-section and so much more.

How will I feel after my session?

It differs from person to person and from session to session. Often people will feel well rested and energised. Though it is not uncommon to feel out of balance and tired. It often takes a day or two for the full effects of the session to occur. Make sure to set aside some time in the day for rest and keep well hydrated.

About your practitioner

Valerie is a member of the National Register of Reflexologist, Ireland (NRRI) with specialist training for fertility, maternity, & paediatrics. The birth of Valerie’s first two children in 2009 & 2010 inspired her to begin her training journey in the pregnancy & postpartum world. Now a mum of 4, as well as reflexology, Valerie teaches pregnancy yoga, fertility yoga, hypnobirthing and baby connection classes. 

Valerie firmly believes in the power of connection, both to our own intuition in the present moment and to our babies during those critical early days, weeks and months of motherhood. She realises that having the right support and knowledge can make all the difference to the journey you have to parenthood, and beyond. That is why the emphasis in all of Valeries classes, workshops and treatments is to empower women to trust in their bodies, their babies and their instincts. She wants women to ask questions of their caregivers, make evidence based & informed decisions about what is right for them and to believe in themselves. 

Valerie is a member of the National Register of Reflexologists, Ireland (NRRI); a KGH Hypnobirthing accredited teacher; holds qualifications through Yoga Alliance for RYT200, Pre & Postnatal Yoga Instruction, Birthlight & the International Association of Infant Massage Instructors. As such her treatment and classes may be eligible for reimbursement. We will provide the client with a receipt for claimback.