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Postpartum Pilates


10:30-11:30 Tuesdays

Postpartum Pilates
Postpartum Pilates
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Join us for a revitalising and nurturing Postnatal Pilates class designed specifically for new moms and their babies. This class offers a unique opportunity to prioritise self-care while bonding with your little one in a supportive and welcoming environment. Ask the Midwife’s studio has complimentary refreshments in our seating area, so please feel free to arrive early and have a chat with your classmates or the midwife on site.


Drop-In - €25
Block of 5 - €100

About your instructor:

Sophie’s diverse training across various movement disciplines, including yoga, Franklin Method, Reformer, and Mat Pilates, has equipped her with a broad understanding of body mechanics and alignment. Her specialisation in pre and postnatal movement reflects her passion for supporting women through the transformative journey of pregnancy and motherhood.


When can I start postnatal Pilates after giving birth?
You can typically start postnatal Pilates after receiving clearance from your healthcare provider, usually around 6-8 weeks postpartum.

Can I bring my baby to the class?
Yes absolutely!

What are the benefits of postnatal Pilates?
Postnatal Pilates can help strengthen core muscles, improve posture, alleviate discomfort, and aid in postpartum recovery.

Do I need previous Pilates experience to join?
No, postnatal Pilates classes are suitable for all levels, including beginners.

What do I bring to class?
Any necessary items for your baby, such as a blanket or toys & some water for you!

Can I attend if I had a C-Section?
Yes, but it’s important to follow your healthcare provider’s guidance on when it’s safe to resume exercise after a cesarean delivery and to inform your instructor about your delivery method.