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Breastfeeding Antenatal Class


Breastfeeding Antenatal Class
Breastfeeding Antenatal Class
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Ask the Midwife’s breastfeeding antenatal class is a transformative workshop designed to prepare and equip expectant parents with the confidence and skills for their breastfeeding journey.

Our classes provide evidence based information, guidance, and support to help expectant parents learn about breastfeeding, understand its benefits, and develop the skills and preparedness for hurdles they may face on their breastfeeding journey.

Our primary goal is to empower expectant parents with evidence based information and practical techniques to make breastfeeding a positive and rewarding experience.

At Ask the Midwife we aim to equip you with the knowledge, but also to always be here as a trusted space to come back into if you need any help or reassurance on that journey.

Topics Included

Antenatal Expression
Breastfeeding Basics
Breastfeeding in hospital
Breastfeeding Positions
Latch-On Techniques
Milk Supply and Expression.
Common Challenges
Feeding Cues
Breastfeeding and Working
Nutrition and Diet
Supportive Partner Role
Community Resources
Anticipating Challenges
Emotional and Psychological Aspects
Benefits for Parents
Confidence Building
Breastfeeding Support