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Grandparents Refresher Class


30TH OF JULY 17:00-19:00

Grandparents Refresher Class
Grandparents Refresher Class
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Our grandparents' refresher class is an educational program designed to provide grandparents with updated information and guidance on various aspects of childcare, infant safety, and modern parenting practices. These classes are typically intended for grandparents who are about to become or have recently become grandparents again and may not have cared for infants or young children in many years. The primary goal of a grandparents' refresher class is to help grandparents feel confident, informed, and equipped to support their children and grandchildren in today's parenting landscape.


This class would also be suitable for anyone who feels they may benefit from this education class, carers, older siblings - we are happy to include everyone.

Cost is Є45 for maximum of two participants


Topics Included

Infant Care - nappies, bathing, dressing
Safety Guidelines - SIDS , car seat, childproofing the home
Feeding - breastfeeding, bottle feeding, how to support both
Child development - tummy time, weaning, baby lead weaning,
Health and wellness - red flags, illness, brief overview of choking and CPR
Effective communication with new parents, parenting styles how to support new parents